Half Day Buggy Tour

Half Day Buggy Tour

Up to 4 pax From 204 Eur 4h 2-3h drive

Half day Buggy panorama tour

Our half day buggy panorama tour of Dubrovnik with brunch is unique and authentic because you get to explore different and fully local life that can't be found within the city. We ride freely through the nature, explore small villages that are almost abandoned. Along the way we get to see old stone houses, olive trees, vineyards, spectacular viewpoints and one bit of local life as it used to be. This tour is engaging and perfect to clear the mind and reconnect with the nature!

Family Friendly

Perfect for couples, families, kids and work colleagues. Maximum number of passengers is 4 adults, 2 children up to 12 years take 1 adult space.

Start from magical point or enter pickup address while booking

Please enter you pickup location in Dubrovnik City. Outside of Dubrovnik city there will be addon to the price which you can pay to driver.

Explore small Picturesque villages

We are taking you for a remarkable drive of untouched villages and great panorama spots that overlook the Elaphiti islands

Untouched Nature

Explore old country roads and go off road in picture perfect nature surrounding 

Authentic Country house

Stop at the country house in Dubrovnik outback and enjoy scenery before we take off.

Professional Guide

Professional Guide Friendly English speaking guide for your trek drive.

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Our Pricing Guide

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17+ with valid ID
  • 1 day pass
  • Access to all attractions
  • 30% off the gift shop
  • Audio tours available
65+ years
  • 1 day pass
  • Access to all attractions
  • 30% off gift shop
  • Audio tours available
17-64 years
  • 1 day pass
  • Access to all attractions
  • 30% off gift shop
  • Audio tours available

Trip Itinerary

09:00 - 10:30

Please enter you pickup location in Dubrovnik City. Outside of Dubrovnik city there will be addon to the price which you can pay to driver. Lets start from magical point, Countryhouse Koračevo. From there we will be taking you to magical valley called Ljubač. It is untouched nature with less than 100 inhabitants living there. The forrest surrounding it is is under protection Natura 2000 as it is one of the oldest and last preserved wildlife forests in the area. You might come across some foxes, badgers and plethora of birds chirping while on the ride. From there we move on to upper villages of Dubrovnik Countryside to visit one of the most important places for life in the past. The Pond, it was central place of gatherings and drinking water for cattle which used to be only source of food for locals. A true spring of life in shape of a big pond in which rain water was collected.

10:30 - 11:00

Mrčevo – Old Mill

Visit to authentic old olive oil mill and some refreshments. Our journey on the road and trought history of countryside will take us to see and hear a story about one of the most important agricultural source of life- Olive oil making. After a bit of education you will taste homemade olive oil and some liquors paired with dried figs and some traditional sweets

11:00 - 11:30

Majkovi Gumno

Our next stop is picture perfect panorama spot above Elaphiti islands. This is a high point with the views towards the sea, islands and bay. It’s located in perfect nature and great place to relax. Here is the modern rendition of Gumno. Gumno is a circular stone place, in the past they were in middle of villages, places of gathering and group activities, as well as celebrations and festivities.

11:30 - 12:00

Majkovi – Koraćevo

We will start our way back to relax and chill in the perfect nature atmosphere of Koraćevo Country house. You will taste some home made cheese, prosciutto and and enjoy local wine and rest in this magical place.


    “Super beautiful, well done! If you are looking for a magical and romantic place then this is a great place to go! I’d recommend this to anyone who loves a good adventure!”
    Ali McBeth

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