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Tour Location


In a small coastal town of Trsteno, around 15 minutes drive from Dubrovnik, you will have a chance to visit one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe dating from the 15th century called Arboretum.

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Still incredibly preserved with more than 400 species of plants cultivated inside of it. This magnificent place houses an old summer residence, an aqueduct with its fountain, and a gorgeous terrace overlooking the Elaphiti islands.

game of thrones scenes

One of the most recent events that made these gardens super popular was filming of “Game of Thrones”, where Arboretum was used to film King’s Landing Gardens. If you remember that lemon cake Lady Olenna and Sansa had while enjoying the view of the islands in the back, then this terrace will instantly remind you of that scene.

relax & enjoy in magnificent views

From Japanese roses, Mexican cactuses, and bamboo trees, a walk through these gardens will take you to a different time, when the nobility of Dubrovnik spent their days enjoying these views, drinking wine and writing love poems that still today remain a real treasure of our literature. It is for sure one of the highlights of this tour!


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